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If you would like to be added to the CalHABMAP listserve, contact Meredith Howard at the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project: mhoward@sccwrp.org


Phytoplankton Samplers:

Kendra Hayashi, Ian Hunter, Nilo Alvarado - Santa Cruz Wharf, Santa Cruz
G. Jason Smith, Monterey Wharf, Monterey
Laura Windecker - Stern's Wharf, Santa Barbara
Jeremy Kravitz - Cal Poly Pier, San Luis Obispo
Rebecca Shipe, Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica
Erica Seubert, Newport Pier, Newport
Mary Hilbern, Melissa Carter, Emily Vu - Scripps Pier, La Jolla

Current Steering Committee description and participants:

A.  Two members from the research community, one from Northern CA and one from Southern CA.  These should be active HAB researchers, preferably with large scale regional HAB grants (such as MERHAB or ECOHAB). These two positions will be nominated and elected by the CA HAB community.

B.  Two liaisons to the management community. The first is the person responsible for regulating shellfish harvesting in accordance with the National Shellfish Sanitation Program. The second is the Science Advisor to the California Ocean Protection Council.

C.  One NOAA Representative.  This position will be appointed by NOAA and will be ineligible to serve as Chair of the Steering Committee.

D.  Two Ocean Observing System (OOS) representatives, one each from CeNCOOS and SCCOOS.  These positions are appointed by the Executive Director of each OOS organization.

E.  Two user community representatives, one from the commercial shellfish industry and one from the marine wildlife management community.  These two positions will be nominated and elected by the CA HAB community.

F.  The Chair of the Steering Committee will be elected by the Steering Committee.

Greg Langlois (Shellfish regulator – Department of Public Health)
Skyli McAfee (Ocean Protection Council Science Advisor)
Frances Gulland (User community – Marine Mammal Center)
Greg Dale (User Community – Coast Seafoods)
Dave Caron (SoCal Research community - USC)
Bill Cochlan (NorCal Research community - SFSU)
Raphe Kudela (CENCOOS appointee - UCSC)
Burt Jones (SCCOOS appointee - USC)
Rick Stumpf (NOAA appointee)

Click here for a list of researches and participants in the 2008 Regional Workshop for Harmful Algal Blooms in California Coastal Waters

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